Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Guest Post: Things I Love

Happy Valentine's Day!

Becca is here guest posting today. She was one of my best friends growing up (her twin sister was the other). You can visit her blog HERE (it's one of my favorites.)

Hi there! I was so surprised when my childhood friend Shay (and fellow awesome blogger) asked me to do a guest post on her blog. I immediately started brainstorming ideas.....Should I write about my love of Valentines day? How about my struggle with raising a son with Aspergers? What about my love of clothes? How much it sucks to love clothes when I'm poor? ha. FINALLY I decided to do a list of things I LOVE (in honor of V day of course). Since I love so many things I love I thought I would narrow it down to things I use on a daily basis. Are you excited? You should be. Here we go!!!!!
I love EYELINER. My favorite eyeliner right now is called penultimate eye liner in Rapidblack. It's goes on so easy and it has that liquid eye liner look that I love. Thanks Mac for making awesome makeup :)
Another makeup item I love is a PAINT POT in Bare Study (by Mac too of course). It adds the most beautiful shimmer and keeps your eye shadow in place so you don't get a smudged line on your eyelid throughout the day. If your looking for a more gold-ish color I love Rubenesque (my sister in law wears this one all the time, plus it's has an awesome name. I can't help thinking of a pleasantly plump painted woman-gotta love art history).
My last makeup item I use almost every day is my Too Faced EYE SHADOW in Natural Eye. I looked forever for some natural looking browns and golds that still had some shimmer to it, and then I came across this at Sephora. I love it so much!
ANTHROPOLOGIE ACCESSORIES. I'm one of those girls that looks online at clothes ALL THE TIME, but unfortunately for me I hardly ever get to buy them. One thing that I do splurge on sometimes is some earrings and headbands. They have the most beautiful intricate accessories at Anthropologie that make any (cheap) outfit look better and more expensive.
I'm a sucker for DARK NAIL POLISH. It's my go-to polish when I want to feel pretty. Plus I feel like it goes with all of my clothes. My favorite nail polish is called "I'm with Brad" by Sephora. It's a little bit pricey but I think it lasts longer than O.P.I and it goes on so smooth :)
I love INSTAGRAM. At first I couldn't figure out what the big deal was was. It felt like just another thing I would have to keep up on. But seriously, I love seeing my friends photos throughout the day, and I love the filters that make me look better :) If you have an iphone you should get it. Do it. Now.

I love the AMAZON KINDLE app. Ebooks are seriously the best invention ever. I can't remember the last time I actually bought a real made-out-of-paper book. What's even better is the .99 cent books. They might be a little lame but love me some teen romance. If you want any suggestions let me know. I've seriously got you covered (In a pathetic need-to-get-a-life kind of way).
That's my list for now....Thanks Shay for letting me do this! I had a blast :)

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