Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dieter Update

Dieter has been on his diet now for a couple of months. It would be easier if I were on the introductory diet with him (There is the introductory and then the full GAPS diet. Nursing mothers are supposed to be on the full diet not the introductory.) Because I am not all the way on the diet with him, he gets stuff he shouldn't. When I say stuff he shouldn't, that means fruit or coconut products...Things he can have on the full diet but not yet on the introductory. You might think that sounds kind of strict but it makes the biggest difference. Dieter has only ever had diarrhea, but when his fruit is limited and I keep him on the intro diet, his poop is solid. That's a big deal! It means his intestines are working properly at the moment! His skin looks wonderful. He is also starting to gain weight! He is starting to get the "toddler belly". And the biggest thing- He is sleeping through the night! Hooray! Kimball and I are more than ready to have him sleep through the night! But, the days he has a lot of fruit, or I make a pie...He scratches and doesn't sleep. You can bet Kimball and I are more on the ball now because we are seeing improvements! What a blessing it is that we found this diet! I look forward to the day when his little body is healed!

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Ruby Jean said...

Oh I can imagine how hard it must be... We have Two out of our 5 children on a Gluten Free diet and it can sometimes be a bit Crazy with all the different meals going on.. Thankfully they are old enough to prepare and make there own food if need be... They both suffer with EXTREME eczema... No FUN!!!