Thursday, December 22, 2011

10 Things I Love...

1. When I am in the kitchen, and Samantha crawls over to me and sits at my feet.
2. When I over hear Dieter playing and he's talking about chicken poo-poo. Funny!
3. Kimball's wool socks. They keep my feet so much warmer.
4. I am Samantha's absolute favorite!! I love it! I should get to be favorite for a little bit. Soon she will discover how much more fun Kimball is...
5. Avocados. Add salt and pepper. I can't get enough of them lately.
6. Raw milk, cream, butter...I didn't have dairy for a long time. It is so good!
7. How excited Dieter is when Kimball comes home from work. I love watching them play!
8. Sometimes in the morning, if Dieter wakes up before me, he will climb on the bed and kiss me.
9. Dieter's favorite blanket is a blanket that my mom made him.
10. The internet. Seriously! Amazing! What did people do with out it?

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