Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Guest Post: Last-Minute Gifts for Friends with Food Allergies

Hi everyone! Have you visited Allergy Free Vintage Cookery yet? Lisa is visiting today to tell us about last minute gift ideas.

The holidays are upon us, and it’s time to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones… special presents that say “I love you and I want you to be happy!”

Shopping can be a lot of fun, but there are always a few people on the gift list who are unusually hard to buy for. The guy who has everything, the girl who will only wear expensive brands… or the kid with food allergies!

If you have a food-allergic loved one on your list this year (and many of us do, judging by the way food allergies are increasing exponentially), check out these unique gift ideas… they’re sure to be a welcome sight among the ubiquitous bottles of perfume and neckties!

Great Gifts for Food-Allergic Friends

1) Allerbling Bracelet: This funky, silicone bracelet can be customized with colorful charms to reflect the wearer’s individual allergies. Great for young children who might have trouble telling caregivers about their allergies.

2) Inhaler Carrier: There are a number of companies that offer pouches to carry inhalers in fun prints and shapes, but one of my favorites is Allergy Apparel. From camouflage, to skulls, to butterflies and flowers, these pouches are not only cute, they include a sturdy clip for attaching to a backpack or belt.

3) The Bugabees picture book about friends with food allergies: Many children feel isolated when they have allergies, between sitting at the peanut-free table at school to having to refuse pizza and cake at birthday parties. This charming book shares the tale of eight friends with food allergies who handle their situation with grace and a positive attitude.

4) Allergy Alert T-Shirts: Want to make sure no one accidentally feeds your little friend the wrong food? Send them off to school or playdates dressed in these cute shirts featuring an allergic alligator and a clear description of their personal allergy.

5) Asthma and Allergy Friendly Stuffed Animals: Did you know some stuffed toys can contain nut shells and other allergenic materials in their filling? The Kids Preferred company produces hypoallergenic toys that not only contain no allergens, but are washable too.

6) Allergy-Free Foodie Gift Basket: Fill your own basket with allergy-friendly treats from Indie Candy. You can search their website by the allergens you’re avoiding, and they offer special seasonal sweets that look and taste even better than traditional candies. From gummies to marshmallows to lollipops to truffles, you’ll find your favorites at Indie Candy.

7) An E-Subscription to your favorite food allergy blog! Won’t your grown-up allergic friends love to find new posts and updates right in their email box? 

Lisa Natcharian blogs about food allergies at Allergy Free Vintage Cookery. She is the mom of three food-allergic boys, and she would like “buying stuff” to be one of her hobbies :)

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