Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Into The Deep End

I want you to meet Miriam from Into the Deep End. She blogs about her family and lessons she's learning along the way. I love that she has lived in Africa! She has super cute kids and a lot of fun things on her blog. Link over and explore! 

My name is Miriam. Into The Deep End was started five years ago by my husband and I when our now-adopted, seven-year-old son was thrown into our lives, literally overnight. Since then I've bullied my husband out but continue to write about all the ways we've been thrown into the deep end (the adoption of our son, the death of my mother, our daughter's open-heart surgery, and moving to Africa), and how I manage to keep my sanity. I love pretty things, vintage fashion, beauty tips & tricks, crafty stuff, entertaining the kiddos, and anything that makes life easier, and tend to blog about those. I hope you'll join me! The water's nice.

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