Friday, April 6, 2012

Silly Boy

The other day I found Dieter dressed like this. 
Very creative, don't you think?

Dressed up for church.  

One of our new baby chicks. 
We have 30 new layers and 100 meat chickens.  

Grandpa gave the kids a fun ride into the wheelbarrow. 
Sorry for cutting off the top of his head. 

I love Samantha's cheesy smile!

Enjoy your weekend!


Chantel said...


Miriam said...

So cute. I love it when kiddos dress themselves. :) And I love your Sunday dress! I recognize that skirt! :D

Kari said...

Love the going to church pic!!

Little Tiffanista said...

Adorable photos! And the wheel barrel ride looks like fun! Xo Tiff