Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My attempt to take the kids swimming

It wasn't very successful. 
We made it to the city pool.
The have an awesome play area for little ones.
Dieter wanted to sit on the bench and eat his snacks. The. Whole. Time.
When we finally made it to the water, he didn't want to get in.
Samantha was terrified and clung to my neck.
Dieter eventually stepped in the water and I think he even laid down in it.
Next time, I will take Kimball.
I thought Samantha looked adorable in her swim suit though.
I love the chubby thighs!


Kimberly said...

So Cute!!

Chantel said...

Oh no. I was going to come... but my pre baby swim suit is not fitting this post baby body. Sigh. Maybe by the end of summer?

The Girly Tomboy said...

if only chubby thighs were cute on adults. you're brave for taking them by yourself. I don't dare.

Emily said...

Cute! We've been frequenting the pools as much as we can lately. L LOVES to go swimming. Today she slept for 4 hours when we got home! Glad he finally got in the pool! and the chubby thighs are the best!

Ioana-Carmen said...

Nice darling! Check my blog and...maybe you wanna folloow each other? kisses from Romania ;)